7/7/2009: Coooold

We are freezing. This house was built to stay cool in the summer, so it is consistently several degrees cooler than it is outside. Although the sun is shining, the house does not warm up.

To stay warm, we have space heaters spread around the house, we keep all the exterior and interior doors closed, we wear sweaters, socks, and shoes, and we drink wine. Great excuse!

This is the last gift from Texas chili day – a bottle of Kanonkop Kadette 2004, a dry red wine with “concentrated berry, banana, cherry, and fruit flavours with a spicy finish”. I don’t know how these tasters taste all those different tastes in wine – all I know is that I liked it. Heck, I’m not sure I’ve found any red wine around here which I don’t like! As always, April thought this was a little strong and heady, so I got to drink the whole thing. My evil plan is working…

We made the bacon-wrapped pork fillets for supper (armadillos), put the kids to bed, and retired into the office to watch the Bourne Supremacy. Like I said, it is cold in this house!

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  1. You poor things! You’ll absolutely roast when you get back here September 1. 105 is predicted today. How did the pioneers withstand such heat?

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