7/9/2009: More Food and Drink Photos

So it seems all we do here is eat omelettes and drink wine, I know. I’m done with the stuff I came here to do, so we don’t really do anything other than what our regular schedule entails. At least I update the blog!

Anyway, the kids watch a lot of cartoons since they have no friends (save a couple of brand-new friends, but they live about 40km away). Here are the cute pics that we come across regularly:

I had purchased a couple bottles of wine to try at the Irene Homes festival a couple months back, and, since we were out of other red wine, I decided to go ahead and try it. April doesn’t really care for white wine – neither do I, and nothing has changed after this bottle of Nuy Sauvignon Blanc 2008!

We did, however, make some serious stir-fry this evening! Chicken with tumeric and frozen veggies over rice – yum!

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