Fresh Start

So I (April now not Adam) that the last post was our anniversary 2009. I started thinking about it and decided that there have been a TON of things that have happened in our family since then and we have not put any of them on here. We were busy after our anniversary preparing to host around 12 people for mission work, leave South Africa, vacation in Germany for a couple of weeks and then head back to normal life in Slaton, Texas. We survived all of that and even found out in the Lubbock airport that Pat and Leroy Behnke had moved out of their own house to allow us to live somewhere while we were looking for our own place! (great for us, and for them ;). Upon our return in the airport we also made it public knowledge that we were expecting baby number 5! About a week in the in-laws house we found a house to buy in Slaton that had 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a 1 car garage with carport out front, and fenced in back yard and all that within our price range! We closed on the house on October 4th, 2009. (This was the best picture of the front of the house that I had on hand, this is a few of our friends before a nice dinner for The Nurturing Center in Lubbock. The far right couple are the Hybners with whom we lived with for many a months!)
We then had the huge task of finding all of our stuff to put in the house. We had the luggage we had taken with us and had been living out of for a month, stuff in storage at Pat and Leroy’s house, stuff in storage at our friends the Hybners, and the room we had been staying in at the Hybner’s also had a large amount of our stuff! We finally got everything in the house and started the task of finding a home for everything (either in our home or someone else’s home). Adam has been back to South Africa many times and brought back jewelry every time to sell for the benefit of the ladies that made the piece. Theresa Irene was born in March of 2010 to the delight and disappointment of her older siblings. The disappointment was purely because of the fact that we no longer have a pattern! Man, kids are crazy! 🙂 She has seriously been one of the happiest children I have ever met in my life! The kids started school late last year but finished up strong. They have started another year and Vincent joined them this year. Sarah and Theresa have enjoyed their days together with mommy and have been great while mommy is volunteering at the school. Adam’s company is trying to get new contracts, which is good for us because that would mean he still has a job, and so he is traveling this week in Paris, France to show them what GBSD has to offer! The house is slowly, and I mean slowly, coming together and getting organized. We are loving life in our happy little community and excited about the future we have with our growing family and friends! Now you have a quick catch up about our lives, from now on I will try to post more details more often. 🙂

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